No to War – No to NATO, Nein zum Krieg – Nein zur NATO, No a la Guerra – No a la OTAN, Non à la Guerre – Non à lÒTAN

Online Video Archive – No to NATO 2010


Watch videos of our actions in Lisbon.

Workshops, plenaries of the Counter Summit:

Video clips of the Counter Summit

Media coverage:

Al Jazeera English

Canal+ (French: Staring at 3:40 min.)

Public training of Civil Disobedience (English)

Public training of Civil Disobedience (Portuguese)

CNTV (English)

Setting up of crosses

Reuters Clip on anti-NATO actions

Second German TV: CD and statement by Reiner Braun

La Verdad TV (Spanish)

Sky News (English)

WiB flash mob in London (English)

Boston Radio WZBC 1/2 (English)

Boston Radio WZBC 2/2 (English)

Links to pictures of the counter NATO events:

Flash Mob, Thursday Nov 18

Demonstration in London I, Saturday Nov 20

Actions of Civil Disobedience

NATO Protestors detained in Lisbon

Get a pdf of the Counter Summit programme here.

Below are videos on the preparations of the NATO counter activities.