Einladung zur Aktionskonferenz für den Frieden

in Hannover, am Samstag, dem 11.10.2014, von 11 – 17 Uhr

Liebe FreundInnen und KollegInnen,

Die aktuelle politische Situation fordert dringend Aktionen für den Frieden. Viele Menschen sind bestürzt über die Konfrontations- und Kriegspolitik. Doch ohne  Mobilisierung, ohne Proteste auch auf den Straßen und Plätzen wird diese Politik nicht aufzuhalten sein. Die Beschlüsse des NATO-Gipfels von Wales sind ein erneutes alarmierendes Zeichen. Dabei sehen wir vor allem die deutsche Bundesregierung als Adressatin unseres Protestes. Weiterlesen

Woman in Black – London vigil on NATO – September 3rd 2014

We want you to know that Women in Black devoted our Wednesday evening central London vigil on Wednesday Sept 3 to “women say no to NATO”, and I attach a couple of photos you might want to add to the website report of the events, together with our leaflet – those leaflets that passersby signed we sent onwards as a petition to David Cameron.

LondonVigil1 LondonVigil2






Leaflet Signatures No to NATO 2014.pdf

Stuttgart ist die Hauptstadt des Krieges – Schließt das EUCOM, das AFRICOM und das KSK

Rede von Tobias Pflüger * vor dem EUCOM in Stuttgart-Vaihingen am 11.09.2014

Grüßt Euch zuerst mal! Als ich gerade mit dem Bus hier raus gefahren bin, dachte ich, wann sehe ich denn endlich die ersten die hierher kommen, und es war dann tatsächlich in Vaihingen am Bahnhof der Fall, dass da jemand mit Pace-Fahne war. Für mich persönlich ist es so, dass ich glaube, wir müssen mit etwas auseinandersetzen – vor allem hier in dieser Region – wir sind in der Hauptstadt des Krieges, hier in Stuttgart. Weiterlesen

Report from NATO Summit in Newport, Wales, 4-5 Sept 2014

Disbanding NATO would be the alternative

On September 4-5 in the normally peaceful little Welsh city of Newport, the latest NATO Summit took place, more than two years after the last summit in Chicago in May 2012.

Once again we saw the same images: vast areas sealed off, no-traffic and no-fly zones, and schools and shops being forced to shut. Safely shielded in their 5-star Celtic Manor Hotel resort, the “old and new warriors” held their meetings in surroundings far removed from the living and working realities of the region’s inhabitants – and far removed from any protests, too. In fact, the reality was better described as a “state of emergency”, with security measures costing some 70 million euros. Weiterlesen


. Jenny Clegg, Morning Star Aug 23-24, 2014. @JennyClegg1

On May 6, NATO General Security Rasmussen and Japan’s Prime Minister Abe met at the NATO headquarters to sign a new agreement on cooperation. Both stated that NATO and Japan were ‘natural partners’; both drew parallels between the situations in the Ukraine and the East and South China Seas. Weiterlesen


Materials from the Workshop in Strasbourg 2009

As added information to this crucial debate, you may be interested in the papers from a workshop coordinated with Cynthia Cockburn, members of WILPF, Women in Black and others at NATO’s 60th ‘birthday’ in Strasbourg in 2009.
See reports of the workshop here:
And the papers here:

Report of the 69th anniversary of the dropping of the first nuclear bombs

World Conference against A and H Bombs, Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Reiner Braun, IPB Co-President

5th August, 2014, afternoon, Hiroshima in the rain. The city prepares for the commemoration of the victims: the Peace Park is ready for the great ceremony, the schools are festively decorated and the temples are preparing for the different services. A couple of minutes of silence in memory of the hundreds of thousands of victims of the first nuclear bomb during a wet but impressive event. But also, we hear more precise words than in the past, among others during the short speech of the conservative Mayor of Hiroshima, Mr Kazumi Matsui. Weiterlesen