60 years are more than enough.

No to War and No to NATO

➔ Platform Paper

The international network No to NATO was found under this motto in Stuttgart in October 2009.
More than 650 organizations from over 30 countries signed the establishing call, the “Stuttgart Appeal”.  They formed the network, which prepared and executed the international congress, the great demonstration, the camp village and other actions of civil disobedience in Strasbourg and Baden-Baden in April 2009.
The celebrations of NATO should not go along without protest.
Because NATO stands for war and armament, for nuclear weapons and intervention.  Those who want disarmament and peace—and who strive for civil solutions to conflicts—must reject this military alliance. For that reason, more than 30,000 people participated in demonstrations in Strasbourg.

The network has continued its activities after the summit.  At a campaign conference in October, a new international coordinating committee was formed that coordinates the activities between the annual meetings.

The focuses of the actions in 2010 are:

  1. Renunciation of the NATO war in Afghanistan: to bring the troops home is the collective belief of the international network
  2. Rejection of the new NATO strategy based on intervention, armament and nuclear weapons. Therefore, the network is preparing publicity and protests in Lisbon for the upcoming November 2010 summit.

International Coordinating Committee

The ICC is preparing joint actions, among others, at the NATO summit in Portugal and is participating with its own contributions to international events such as the European Social Forum and the events related to the NPT conference in New York.
The committee meets at irregular intervals.